pregnancy and infant loss awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month and allso pregnacy and infant loss awareness month,so let's all be heard let's tell our stories,these little angels deserved to be honored!
I will start:
I was not planning on getting pregnant and didn't want a baby,I was only 18,but god had a different plan for me. I got pregnant on spring break,a broken condom gave me my little angel. I was scared and didn't want to keep her. But I had my first ultrasound at 10weeks and I heard her heart beat,the monst amazing sound I have ever heard,on that day I decided I'd keep her I'd be a single mom,it would be hard but so worth it! I was high risk so I had extra doctors appointments and got to hear her more often! I found out it was a girl when I was 13 weeks through a blood test!!!! I'll I could think is that it's amazing that with new technology I could know so much about her! Two days after I was 15 weeks I started gettting awful pains in my abdomen and I called my best friend to take me to the ER,I went in and after 5.5 hours of waiting I got the news that she no longer had a heart beat,I was offered a D&C or I could be given medications and try to pass her naturally,I chose the medication,it was faster than I thought and it hurt,she was a person,she came into this world on September 3rd 2016 and I named her Ella Karen,she was too beautiful for earth. At the age of 18 I got pregnant and became Ella's mommy,at the age of 18 my child died,at the age of 18 I was told it was a blessing that I was too young but all the same I'm Ella's momma and this month I will help raise awareness of pregnacy and infant loss! She was a person to me,she was beautiful! I'm now TTC for my Rainbow baby! So please don't let me be the only one sharing my story and my child's story!