Very Short 2nd labor!

My water broke at midnight Sunday night and I started contractions right away. Called the midwife and she told me to try to rest between them. I knew that wouldn't happen since they were already getting painful and I was wide awake and excited. They started getting closer together between 2 and 3 minutes within an hour. We got everything ready (including my husband putting the car seat in the car, lol). Then called the in-laws to come over and stay with our older son. By the time they got here it was 1:50ish and we left for the birth center. We met the midwife in her office so she could check me - I was already a 6 or 7. When we got downstairs to the birth center the nurse started to try to put my IV in right away because I am GBs positive (she tried the whole time even after I got in the pool and maybe half of it got in). Every time she would try I would have a contraction. Then I started feeling the need to push and I squated down holding onto the bed. I knew he would be here soon and I wanted to get in the tub. I got in the tub and pushed for about 30 minutes. My parents arrived about 15 minutes before I gave birth! (I wanted my mom to help me in labor like she did the first time, but it happened too quick.) It was so quick, I was so thankful! I prayed this whole pregnancy for a quick and short labor, a smaller baby and that I would make it to the birth center on time. The Lord answered all those prayers!!