Ladies, my SO is a Instamanwhore

Ali • 27 years young. 4th Grade Teacher 🍎📚🖍
Okay ladies, just need to see your point of view on this. My SO is a Facebook slut Instamanwhore, I mean we met on Facebook because he messaged me on there.. Lol  I need to know if I'm being too jealous or what.. My boyfriends Facebook friends list is 95% girls and the people he follows on Instagram is 99% girls! He constantly likes their photos. I'm talking, if you go to a list of liked photos it's 85% girls selfies and 15% hunting bullshit that he likes. But yet when I post pictures or anything he never likes them!! It almost kinda hurts my feelings because if you're going to like all these girls stuff you can at least like your girlfriends in the process!! I know Facebook and Instagram don't define relationships. I honestly wouldn't care if he liked my stuff or not, it's just stuper annoying when I go to Facebook and type "pictures liked by S**** B*****" there's multiple new pictures of girls that he's liked just new! Each time I check it! Also, I'm not even aloud to add random guys on my Facebook because he got mad that I was accepting friend requests from them. Please comment and tell me if I'm being over jealous or if my feelings on this are valid! I'd post pictures of his friends list but for the sake of the privacy of the girls I won't but the guy to girl ratio is 1:572848383862748. 🙄 Also, I found pictures in his phone of naked girls selfies his guy friend sent him on snapchat, but he saved the pictures! He's a fucking picture slut! I told him I didn't like that so he deleted the pictures. Please comment and tell me if I'm just being ridiculous.