I should just get over him shouldn't I? πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

I am 15, almost 16 and I am a sophmore. My Ex-boyfriend is 14, almost 15 and he is a freshman. We dated for about 4 months. His mom didn't like me for some reason so she said we couldn't date, then she said we could date but not until next semester, then she said not until the next week. All of this happened because we had been seen at a football game kissing a lot. His mom is one of those church ladies and so is this lady who spotted us. He got into trouble and his mom came to my house to tell my mom about all of the things she saw when going through his messeges....Which was not much. The relationship basically feel apart because of his mom. Which was what she wanted at first. After all that, she said we had to pretend like we weren't dating for a week. Which I don't believe she actually said that. During that week, he was hanging out with this girl he knew I didn't like. So I got mad and tried to talk it out. But he got mad too and decided not to continue our relationship and broke it off. We still argued after that and I still knew his password, so I went through his messeges. He started dating that same girl I said I didn't like that same day. Then he broke it off with her that same day and started flirting with her friend. After about a few days of not speaking we went to homecoming. My bestfriend talked to him and made him come and talk to me and talk. We both said Hi then she got mad because we weren't talking after that and told him to go back inside. So he did. I almost cried because I missed him so much. Even though he had cheated on me 2 months into dating with a girl from his church then I forgave him and we continuted dating. Back to homecoming, I had walked off and my bestfriend talked to me and I told her how I felt and she went back inside to get him. Next thing I know, he's walking up towords me hugging me tight and making out with me. We got back together for 2 days, then broke up because he didn't hangout with me at all at school. He only hung out with that girl. Then after all that, he threatened to post bad pictures of me online if I didn't unfriend his friends on facebook. He also told me his sisters were going to jump me, and that he'd been to jail before. I did as he said and everything...I kinda still miss him...am I wrong for that?