PCOS and best next step!

I was recently diagnosed with PCOS and since have seen an RE who was willing to place me on meds to try and conceive but after the deductible on my insurance the out of pocket cost was still in the high 7k and my husband is completely willing and able to spend that kind of money but I can't seem to be okay with it, I'm not sure if I'm not invested in to it as much as he is, or if I'm not okay with forcing something that should come naturally! I've wanted a second child for a few years now but lately especially after we had a miscarriage earlier in the year the want has been greater but I can't see me doing invasive procedures in order to conceive our first child was conceived naturally with in 6 months but we now have been trying for over 3 years to no avail. It seems on here that everyone is pro ivf nd out nd meds and everything available but is that the best next move? 
I have nothing against it as I work as a nurse in infertility!