Spotting problem , solved

Hi guys ,
I've seen a lot of posts about early pregnancy spotting and wanted to give you a bit of my insight . 
Although all pregnancies are differnt , maybe this will give you some peace at mind for the holidays ! 
I was admitted into the hospital last wedneday night/ Thursday morning  ( 7 days ago ) because I was spotting a lot and it scared me half to death . 
I had found out I was pregnant 2 weeks prior to that and was supposedly " 5 weeks & 4 days " .
They did ultrasounds ( trans vag) and found my gestational sac with no embryo or pole . I was then referred to the early pregnancy clinic for high risks. 
I went back today for a follow up and did another ultrasound . I'm glad to say that my little blip is live and healthy , got to see the little flickering heartbeat as well .
I was reminded again that spotting during your first 12 weeks is normal and there's nothing to worry unless you're soaking through pads . 
I am extremely excited & happy that I can finally get some good sleep . 
I hope this gave you all with similar problems some peace of mind .
Don't give up !! 
Merry Christmas everybody .