Dreamt I was pregnant last night

I dreamt I was pregnant last night. I was huge and the baby was due any minute and I was feeling labor pains but not strong enough to go to the hospital.

I hope I get a chance to be a mom. It really hurts me that it hasn't happened yet and the one time recently I did become pregnant I lost it within a few weeks. I am doing everything I can to try with all the tracking and stuff and I am constantly trying to figure out what I did right that one time.

And then once your fertile window is over its such a long wait just to see if you get your period or not and then u go through fake symptoms just to get your period and start all over again. I keep trying to think positive and remember my fate is already decided for me and this life for whatever reason may or may not include a baby. I hope wish and pray it does but that is out of my control. Sorry just venting my husband is supportive but honestly I feel alone in this. Just venting.