I need a cycle buddy!

Hey everyone! I'm looking for a cycle buddy or just a future friend to talk to! My cycle buddy just got pregnant! Yay!! I'm so happy for her but she was the only thing keeping me sane lol. I'm sure her and I will be life long friends. But now I don't have someone to talk to about how we want to start a family. So here's a little about me and if you think we would connect just let me know!  ;) So I am 21 my husband and I have been married almost three years now and together for four. We went to elementary school together when we were younger but we didn't meet until I was a junior in high school and he was a freshman in college! He is in the military now so I work full time on the base as the lead barista for starbucks and a waitress for the club. They are technically the same job lol. We are both from Pittsburgh, PA but we live in North Dakota currently. I have two puppies Chance and Lucy, and a kitty Molly. They are my babies! :) I'm a home body so in my free time I just hang out with my hubby and pets, sometimes I crochet. But we are big movie night game night people lol. My cycles and my body are wacky! I'm CD 97 today! So either message me on Facebook (Dominique Dell) or comment here!!