Digital OPK question

I've been using te clear blue digital OPKs, this is my 4th month using it. Month 1, I got preggo, but lost her to mc in October ?. All other months have been 'normal' except this one. My cycles were usually 35 days before my mc, but since then, they've been 28. Which is still normal, just threw me off a bit. Anyway, I started testing in day 8 of this month like the package said, but on day 10 I got a 'high' flashing smiley face. Ok, a bit early. Except now I'm on day 14 and still getting the flashing smileys. I've never gotten them for longer than 2 days. And after the 2nd one, I start testing in the afternoon and evening, just in case my LH surge happens early. But nothing. Has this ever happened to anyone else? How long did it take to get the solid smiley and actually ovulate? I'm so scared that I won't ovulate for whatever unknown stupid reason (never happened before and no known issues that would cause this, but I'm sure we all know how our brains go in overdrive at times like this!) ugh! Any thoughts, advice or reassurance welcome!