Pregnant and so frustrated

Rosalie • I`m very excited me and my fiancée are blessed God is good baby dust to all
I don't know what to do I'm losing it! I'm stressing over the smallest crap and aside from that my SO isn't helping at all its like I always have the to be the mature one and I can't fuck up. My back has been hurting and I'm doing the cleaning and heavy moving. When I ask him to do something he won't so I do it and then after we argue...but if he asks me to do something and I don't cuz I'm not feeling good he gets mad its like damned if I do damned if it don't. I've been so sad because I'm tierd of being tired i don't know what to do I'm always so flustered I worry that I'm always gunna have to di everything or finish everything on my own. I'm sorry guys I know its Christmas i just don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!