Junk food + first trimester

Bee ā€¢ Expecting #1 August 2015 šŸ’•

Is anyone else finding it impossible to eat healthy??

I'm 6w4d and im a very healthy eater always get my 5 a day and drink 2 litres of water, always choose wholegrain over white. .. and only occasionally indulge in biscuits/ chocolate / crisps.

Well in the last week all I can stomach is STODGE! White bread, white potatoes, white pasta, crumpets, shortbread biscuits, crisps... its the only stuff that stops me throwing up :-/ I am also managing to (force myself) fit in 3-5 fruit/veg a day and have started drinking fruit juice as finding water difficult to stomach...!

This baby definitely follows it's daddy!