Name commitment


I *never* thought naming our baby would be this difficult. It's crazy to think that this human will have this identity for the rest of his life. We originally picked Eli but my husband changed his mind because he decided he didn't like it as much... so we stuck with Max all along. 

Then last week we switched it to Nolan randomly after hearing it on TV. Hubby was talking the other night and ended up saying something along the lines of "we need to be careful of a-b-c when Nolan gets here" and I wasn't sure if it sounded right. Maybe because I don't know anyone named Nolan? Or because it's been Max for so long, I'm afraid I'd get sick of Nolan (maybe not). He's liked Zachary all along but I dismissed it from the get go because it reminded me of my coworkers son and this kid I knew in the seventh grade.. oh, and Zack Morris. But it's totally growing on me now. It's a classic name and Zack is a cute rough and tumble name. Has anyone else gone back and forth?

Maybe I just expect a name to just pop out... and not just when I see him for the first time.

So now I'm stuck on Nolan and Zachary again :/