I'm finally well enough to tell my birth story,My precious son came October 3 at 630 pm


I'm finally well enough to tell my birth story,

My precious son came October 3 at 630 pm.weigh in at 6 lbs

The happiest say of my life turned into a dissaster, 😢😢😢

I'm from arizona,I was seen at umc.

I chose to be induced so I was told getting an epidural was a good idea since I'd be in do much pain...I REGRET IT !!!

Without my consent two students did my epidural,they took the needle out three times,tried doing it 4 times and ended up messing it up puncturing into the fluid "wet tap" so it worked I guess.i didn't feel the pain at the moment.two days later I went home.around 3 pm...well,

That's when things got bad.i started getting uncontrolled jolts in my arm that night and so I called my nurse,asked if that was normal.she said no to come in imediately,so I get my clothes ready n go into the bathroom,getting ready to shower,

I feel a shock like when u hold on to a battery wire..I remember trying to yell but then it went dark.i had a stroke (I'm 28) woke up in the ambulance and the paramedic was asking me about my baby, I said I have no baby? I didn't remember...

Anywho I've been at the hospital for a week and God willing I go home today..I was only with my son for 2 days ,he's a week n 2 days n the ignorance of those fkn doctors not asking for my permission to have a student work on me is the reason I'm away from my kid...they said fluid leaked and caused the blood clot in my head thanks to the epidural mistake,..I'm ready to be home n be with my boys,I'm have my baby,a ten y.o and my husband.

I'll b going home on antiseisure meds and blood thinners..Idk if getting a lawyer is a good idea but I think I sould,no one sould b going through this bullshit and be practised on without consent ..