Is CC boring to you now? (READ BEFORE VOTING!)


I feel like CC has become so policed and everything gets redirected to a different room, that I find it hard to understand what is even considered as controversial anymore. I understand certain things go under certain groups, but it's inconvenient to switch between 6 different rooms to find a topic you are looking for.

I think since a lot of topics are removed or relocated, a lot of topics on here are repetitive and many do not call for debate or controversy, but rather basic opinion or questions. Controversy should spark debate and it should be relevant.

Plus, there are no notifications when a topic gets moved, so you never know where to look for it at. I don't think I should have to randomly type in search terms to find one topic that could simply be in one place. Also, you can't get a good discussion on some other boards because they lack the good membership that CC has.

Do any of you feel as though CC has gotten a little dry/boring lately?

Please don't tell me this is 'supposed to go in another room' or 'if you don't like CC delete it'. Because that's not what my post is about.

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