guys being babies

So I dated a guy for 2 years, and he was emotionally abusive and we went through a period where my period wasn't very regular because my birth control was fucking me up. So sometimes we would have sex and every now and then I would bleed and he would lose his shit and I'd end up so embarrassed and ashamed and it made me not even want to have sex with him because I never knew when it would happen. 
Now my period is regular, give or take a few days of course. It normally starts on the 20th-23rd but this month it started on the 12th. Last night I had sex with a new guy I've been seeing (the night of the 11th) , and afterwards there was a little blood. I immediately got embarrassed and ashamed and he made me feel so secure and said it was ok and asked if I was ok and told me to calm down, he doesn't mind, let's just go take a shower together babe. He's wonderful. 
So girls, how have some of your past and present guys handled this situation?