Thanks glow and everyone

Just happy I found this. Lately I've been feeling pretty on my nerves and worried I've been using plan b as my normal birth control I think I taking it more then 10 tens even if I had used a condom, pullout or sponge most of the times because someone and with great about of research siad that I wasn't as bad for my system as BC. But now my period is out of wack and I don't want tk take it cause I feel it cause lots of weight gain and so on. BC scares me cause family members have had horrible side effects from it such had gul bladder removal since they were on BC. BUt its nice to see people do think like me and I do have support and not as scared any more since you guys. I feel I have girl friend here happy yo help. THANK YOU!! And I'm going to see if I can go get a safer BC and make sure there is no bun in the oven yet cause I know I'm not ready.