Day 1 = success

I was getting upset last night when trying to feed because it was making my nipples hurt really bad! I was afraid that maybe I was dry or something else was wrong with me, I didn't have any pain at all with my daughter & I BF for the whole first year. I owe that to lack of sleep. I was induced yesterday morning & had to wake at 4 am, but couldn't even fall asleep until 1 sleep during labor. I waited it out until 7 cm to get my epidural, everything went abruptly from there. I dilated to 8 in less than an hour & he was almost crowning less than 20 minutes later. Labor went smoothly. I felt lots of pressure and still had mobility of my legs, good epidural if you ask me. We did skin to skin but he didn't really feed upon being born. When I went to feed last night though after being put in our family room, my breasts were in so much pain. My nipples felt like they were burning and being bitten all at once. I wanted to cry & I felt so bad because I kept having to remove my son due to the pain. I asked for some lanolin & it helped, until I tried feeding again. I was so upset with my nody, but I knew baby was hungry so I called the nursery and requested a bottle so he could eat, thinking I had been defeated. He rejected it, dramatically. 😂 my poor son gagged at the first drop & wouldn't even attempt to suckle. He shut his mouth so tight & scrunched his face. I called the nurses desk & requested a nipple shield. Wallah. Turns out, due to my tiredness, I missed the fact that he wasn't opening his mouth all the way to feed & the pain was being caused by him pulling on the tips of my nipples. He ate & then bathed at 4 am and slept until 7 when I had to wake him up myself so he could eat again. I can't explain how happy & relieved I am that I got it all figured out. 😍