cycle buddies???AF due 10/17

Becky • 💙 7/2017 #2 due 💗2/2020
I'm Becky, I'm 33 TTC #1. Always had regular periods even before I was on the pill for almost 12 years. I stopped the pill in June, we tried during the summer just for fun but we did miss some important fertile days. I'm now waiting to see what happens this cycle. Even though I do believe we missed again because my fertile window was 9/28-10/3 we BD on 10/2 and 10/3 which I think were either day 15-16 so I doubt we will be pregnant but I still have hope. I took ovulation strips and it seemed like a positive but it showed positive for 4 days it finally showed negative and I'm  beyond confused.  There is always next month. I'm trying not to jump the gun and take a PT it's really hard not to.