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Ever since my fiances baby mama popped back up in the picture and if some of you that follow me read my post months ago about that situation understand where I'm coming from, anyways, I decided to tell him to message her two weeks ago to get it over with and see what she wants, and he didn't want to so I kinda pushed it on him but not just cause I wanted to know but bc of our future and etc, bc either way he would message her sometime in the future, well he messaged her and asked her why now? And what does she want? And its about their son and how he needs a dad in his life and all this other bs , bc to me what she's saying is just BS to me, she straight up left after they had their son bc her mom and never gave him the chance of day to be a father and then not just that the guy she was dating has pretty much been his father figure the past 5 years... but now all of sudden that doesn't matter and she finally wants my fiances son to meet him, to me after 5+ years, you want to pop up when my man has tried the past several years to see his son and you never gave him a chance, anyways my point is, everything shes telling him about working something out, child support and etc and whatever is just Bullshit to me, bc ever since me and my man announced we are pregnant, their was some drama coming from her side and etc it was ridiculous, i feel like there's more to it than her just wanting my fiance in their sons life, i feel like she's jealous bc we are expecting a boy and second, she's not with that guy anymore that was supposedly a father to their son for the past 5 years and has been out of the picture for sometime from what she him, and then lastnight she messages my man saying, so what, are you done talking to me now?

It's like really, he doesnt need to talk to you constantly yall are only talking bc of yalls son or that deals with yalls son, nothing more! And my man works nights and hes very busy so his response was sorry I want to see my son but I just been so busy at work, and also we live in another state and she lives in texas so the drive and all is far as well! But, it just amazes me how she's like expecting him to fall into where she wants him or is trying to get back with him bc she sees how much of a man hes became and how much hes a good father to my daughter that is not his and to our unborn son that will be born in January!

Idk how to feel, i know i been seeing the messages and know whats been going on bc its been keeping me from stressing and my fiance knows this and is okay with it! It just worries me she's up to something and I will do everything In my power to protect my family, but again I want him to see his son, and he's being very careful about this as well! But she keeps pushing it on him and using their son as a weapon and to me i see right through it, i know my fiance does too but he's just keeping it short and about their son!

It's just so frustrating ugh!!

Any advice??