Gun Control #RANT

I saw this video and its interesting to see how people react when facts are being mentioned and supported. To disarm everyone is completely idiotic. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the U.S. and there is so much crime. Look at countries where they have gun control such as Soviet Union,North Korea,China. They had massacres because people werent armed. Crimes INCREASE when people can't protect themselves. How does disarming people help at all? People should be able to protect themselves,be educated on guns,respect guns. The criminal won't care whether you ban them or not. People who FOLLOW the law will because you will leave them at the hands of the bad people who use these weapons. Plenty of things are illegal and people STILL do them. The people that have committed massacres at schools have MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. We shouldn't allow THOSE people to have guns. Why is the blame being shoved onto law abiding gun owners? Guns should be left as an option for ALL law abiding citizens. Don't want a gun? Fine. Dont buy one.The media shows you only what they want you to think. Have a mind of your own and RESEARCH FACTS. The mainstream media sure won't give you that.