interesting read if any of you can find the whole article

Charley Knows • 24 and living without a thyroid 💪🏼
Found this on face book and it speaks about how tv shows used to show a woman contemplating it but never going through with it or going through with it then being whacked over the head by karma. It isn't something that should be normalised as it shouldn't have to be a daily occurrence that hundreds of women are getting abortions. However as we all know acccidents do happen, some are protected some aren't. It isn't a form of birth control. But as I said it happens and if that's the best for yourself then do it. I love that line at the end 'a woman made a choice about her body that she legally has the right to make'. This topic isn't on your thoughts on abortion itself it's about your thoughts on it being used in sitcoms more regularly when it was originally something very taboo. I hope there's a healthy discussion and any remarks about being pro life or pro choice and I will remove the post. It seriously has nothing to do with that it's to do with TV so you lot can pipe down! Haha. Thank you for reading