I could really use a little help!

Tiffany 🌻
Ok this cycle has me completely lost. My cycles are usually 33-35 days with me ovulating around CD 19. I was started on Clomid 100mg last cycle and my dr didn't like that I ovulated that late. So this cycle I was upped to 150mg and ovulated CD 13. But even when I change my ovulation date on my calendar the period day doesn't change. So my <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IUI</a> was 9/25. 10/10 CD 28 15DPIUI I started having brown discharge. Very mucusy and globby at first but now 10/13 CD 31 18DPIUI it's turned dark brown and sticky. I'm confused??? This isn't my period right? Or is it? I've had all BFN test. From what I've read it is old blood but I don't think old blood would count as a period? But idk I'm sooo confused. On my normal cycle when I ovulate later my period isn't due for another week but since I ovulated early I just don't know.