PCOS, Pregnancy, or Hormonal Imbalance??

Katie • TTC for three years with hubby.

This is a little long, but I need answers 😩

First of all: I am healthy. I have no infertility issues, neither does hubby. Ttc 3 years. Here is what is happening.

*jawline acne

*so freaking hungry

*so freaking thirsty

*im sooooooo hottttttt

*frequent urination



*bbs starting to hurt.

*waves of nausea

*back pain

*super oily hair

*awfully rumbly tummy

I did have a AF, HOWEVER; it was scanty. Med, light, stopped for a day or two, spotty.

I'm getting BFNS.... But something has to give, because my face looks like a pepperoni 😭

If it went by my last period, that was 5 weeks ago.

Someone help mee!