I officially give up!!! Impatiently waiting until due date

So last night I thought I was having legit contractions. I was timing the period-like cramps for over 2 hours and each one of them was a little stronger than the last and they were 3-5 minutes apart! So I waited until the 4th hour and I called my hubby from work and he came rushing home. We timed it some more and some I could barely walk through! So ER we went! Once they got us up to L&D they monitored me for about an hour and I was having contractions! Every 3-5 minutes! Just like I said I was! But she checked me and I was still a FUCKING CENTIMETER!!! Somewhat thinned out but that's it!!! I almost wanted to cry because this is like the 3rd trip over here for false alarms! I mean she even felt his head and kind of shoved it a few times just so I could feel him. But even with that, nurse said I'm still high and to wait for my appointment next week. So unfortunately I'm just going to have to do that! I need him in my arms but I guess he doesn't want me just yet. So have to wait! Ughhhhh