I'm soo sad I need support?

Samantha • I`m 19 years old trying to have a baby with my husband.i have a hard time getting pregnant so I beed a lot of help and answers to questions I have.
I don't know what to do.ive Ben following the calander on here and Ben having sex on my fertile days and I've Ben expirience Nguyen severe breast pain so I though well maybe I'm pregnant.ive Ben trying to get pregnant for so long and thought maybe this is it.this morning I woke up and found blood on me.i don't know if it's my period or if it's spotting.thos is my first time trying to get pregnant so I don't know what's going on.its a medium flow.im wearing a pad so I can track what it looks like .but I hope I'm pregnant and just spottong.i heard you can get your periods while being pregnant.especially if your periods are irregular and that's what mine are like..can someone tell me what's going on