Nesting and labour theory!!


So I started nesting today, like crazy!! Ive been lazy this whole pregnancy, managed one task/chore and I'm on the sofa napping/lazing around!! No motivation whatsoever. Today I've cleaned house top to bottom,and cooked lots of food (was a bit pointless) and even pushed through pain and discomfort that would instantly have me running for the sofa.

Called an old friend this evening to catch up who suggested that nesting was a sign labour was near...then asked when I was due, I'm due December 26th I'm 29+3 weeks and found online women where getting nesting around 36+ weeks!!

Now I'm freaking out because I'm awaiting an anti -D jab and a 36 week scan to see whether my placenta has moved out of the way!!

Everyone elses experiences with nesting?