Help with CM?

So today is CD11 (usually have a 31-34 day cycle). I don't track cm because well I hate the stuff and I'm trying not to track anything as after almost 3 years of TTC I'm aiming for the stress free approach (as if such a thing exists!). Well this morning I had a medium amount of egg white cm and I'm quite confused because on adding this information to glow it's told me that my cm is optimal for conceiving! I've had blood tests that confirm I usually ovulate at around CD 21, OPKS also went along with this. We have sex every few days from right after my period has finished right up until my next period starts to give us the best chances yet clearly that's no working. I guess my question is does anyone get eggehite cm more than once a month or have they had it really early in their cycle and actually gotten pregnant? My next fertility appointment is the 3rd of November   so I will be asking my doctor too. Sorry for the long post, thank you for taking the time to read it 😊