Hey ladies!! I'm 20 yrs old and did not expect my labor and birth to go this smooth. On October 3rd I woke up to having minor contractions, nothing consistent just another day. (his due date was Sept 29) we were expected to go my OB the next morning to plan on being induced. Anyway, I worked my job just fine while working then came home at 1 and started cleaning the house and making sure bags were all packed for hospital. At 4pm as I got into the shower I noticed I was peeing or something kept leaking out of me!!! It didn't smell or look like pee so I called my doctor and they said to come on in as I thought my water was breaking. Get to hospital at about 5:15ish. I was 2cm dilated and 100 effaced. They tested my leakage and sure enough my water was ruptured! Get into my room and an hour and a half later I kid you not...they check me again and I'm 8cm dilated. Have had no pain meds ..all natural. So I decided to get epidural as I can't stand pain!! Went great..couldn't feel a thing. (Had back labor) probably two hours later I'm 10cm dilated...they decided to let my body go naturally..without me pushing for hours...so at 1Am I felt like I needed to start pushing and at 1:58am...my baby boy was born!! 7.2 pounds...21 inches! We love him so very much. πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™