New Guy


I've had a terrible time with tinder.

The first guy I met and liked, I dated for almost a year. He became an abusive asshat who tried to rape me.

The second guy and I met on another app and were friends for a year before I met the asshat. We reconnected on tinder and he was a sex crazed douche.

This guy and I agreed to just be friends. So far we get along great and we're goinv to meet up at my college's football game. I'm not trying to make anything serious or start dating anyone, and neither is he. I'm just paranoid that he'll turn out to be a demon from the depths of hell like my ex boyfriend turned out. Or a bastard who wants to finger me in a parking lot after confiding in him that I was assaulted by my last relationship.

It helps to be cautious, but should I go through with hanging out with him?