Help? Could use some?

RiRi , P & PJ’s Mom 💗💖💙
So I'm a new mother and my baby is about to be 4 months. I live with family due to previous serious events, and family who isn't supportive or helps me. My fiance is in prison and working on getting out for a wrongful conviction. I before my baby was an extremely lazy person and now im all about my baby 24/7 to the point I barely have time feed myself. Its so serious, the positive is it has me moving verses how i was before. I work from home, thank god, cause i have no one to watch my kid. Problem, i have no time to work or clean or do anything. I suck at consistency and need to build up habits and discipline without feeling depressed. I wake up dreading my day. My daughter has no one but me right now. Im having troubles sticking to a schedule due to my bad habit of not ever being able to stay consistent and my daughter taking most of my time. I need to get away from my family so i need help. Any advice on what i can do to discipline myself and stay consistent or anything?