PLEASE READ, HELP NEEDED- Outsiders Perspective

Hey so I'm in a tough situation & I just really need some outside points of view. So basically to try to make a long story short there's a guy from my job who I've been talking to since April. Not like to start a relationship but just flirting etc. We established we didn't want a relationship but just to have a good time basically. Somewhere along that time I came across a girls instagram with him in her avi, so my friend asked him if he has a girl (because they're good friends) and he told him no he doesn't that was his ex. Eventually her page was public & I went through it (this was early August) and her most recent pic with him was from early July. Through her page I came to find out they've had their thing going for 8 years, but he swears to me & others he's not with her. It also turns out she knows who I am from when they were together at one point & she went through his phone then saw me at our job & another time at an event we were both at. 
Basically I just don't know what to do... take his word or not etc. Opinions would be great!