My Mom is Here

My mom and dad are visiting. We don't have family close. I'm so glad to have them here. They've taken my toddler, helping him potty train which has been hard for me because smells make me ill. She let me sleep in the morning and has cleaned my house. 
She even sent me and the hubby out last night. And I was able to eat and keep everything down yesterday. We even went and I got some
winter maternity clothes since I was pregnant in the summer last time. When was the last time we had a date night?
I ate twice yesterday and didn't have any nausea. First time in weeks. I'm cruising in on 11 weeks and I'm praying that is a sign the morning sickness is ending. I still feel like someone beat me with a limp noodle because I'm so tired. (Frustrating but hopefully energy will return soon.)
It's just so nice to have a little help. My husband and my family are super close. None of the tension that can happen with inlaws. My husband is closer with my family in many ways than his own. It saddens me that there is so much drama on his side of the family.
But I have never been more thankful for a little help. And some down time. At least now if I get sick someone is watching to make sure my 3 year old isn't tearing down the house. 
And their excitement is making me more excited about being pregnant.