Boyfriend Troubles :(

Breanna • Hello! 🌸💕
I don't know what to do in my relationship. I love him very much, and although sex isn't the most important thing to me - it is still important. He took my virginity and I expected that he would have taken care of my sexual needs afterwards. I've been so horny I'm going crazy - and he never seems to care.
He is kind and sweet, but clueless. I know he does love me, and he tries, but he is never romantic or passionate. I am a highly passionate person and it bothers me.
He also gets high on weed every day, and I think it makes him slow and unresponsive and bored with everything. I'm not a fan of weed, but I do like it occasionally. 
He also doesn't want kids - I do. (Someday)
This was my first relationship, and now I'm 19. I feel kinda stuck - like maybe they're better relationships for me out there? I never had the chance to experience meeting up for dates, or one night stands, I've been so horny I've been wanting a fuck buddy. I want to be able to have fun at the bar and parties.
He also has bad hygiene, and his kisses are gross... But I do love him.
I don't know what to do. He loves me, I know I'm all he talks about, he wants to marry me. :( 
I'm asking <a href="">EVE</a> because he is always either too high to talk to, or he just doesn't understand. It feels Iike there is a barrier.