is she being serious?😳

Kayley β€’ 24 years old, I have a little boy who’s 4 and I’m TTC my second baby!! πŸ‘ΆπŸ»
My partner's mum is an actual twat, she doesn't give a flying f about her grandson but acts like she does. My son is 4 months old, she has never came to see him off her own back, never offered to take him, opened a bank account in her name for savings for him BUT she wants me and my family to add to it also, but she can only see the balance and withdraw money. Another thing she's just done to piss me off is, on Sunday my mil's cousin is taking photo's at some event and has offered to take my son's photo's for us that day for free, my partner is working and I had already made plans to meet an old friend. So my partner asked his mum if she could take my son to get his photo's took (which her whole family were already going to) she said no! And want to know her reason? She doesn't want to take my 4 month old son because he might cry, he's a baby, babies cry and she actual for real?😳 please tell me I'm not overreacting, she doesn't give a flying f*ck!! πŸ˜‘