shawn • Mom of 2. My family is everything.
So I used to live in Minnesota and I moved away because I thought I hated it. Turns out I loved it there and since I moved a year ago I basically came back and visited every three months. Well now that I'm pregnant we aren't planning going back to Minnesota to visit family and friends until her first birthday. We would be flying since it's a 18-19 hour drive. Which will be sometime in December of 2017. But I have people saying I'm being selfish for not bring her sooner. And I'm bringing her during the winter when it's super effing cold. I get that it gets pretty bad there during the winter I live in it for 11 years. But we wanted her to be older before she makes a trip like that and so we have more vacation time so we can be there longer than a week. I'm sorry if the detail didn't really matter. What do you guys think? Is it selfish of me to wait for her first birthday to take her to Minnesota to visit her family. They aren't blood but I consider a good part of them family