20 week ultrasound


Well, 20 weeks and 2 days.

First of all, this little baby is stubborn as hell! They did not want to move from it's cozy position, and when they would it was for a short time then back to being stubborn!

Tucking their hands against their face so we couldn't see a good profile, then crossing the legs to where it was super difficult to tell gender.

However, they were 80% sure it's a girl!

She was lying against my bladder and I had to stop them to pee because I almost peed myself lol. At once point she was covering her girl parts with her hands it seemed like!

They weren't able to get all measurements they needed, so we're gonna have to go back in about 2 weeks to get the rest. Hopefully then we can see a better photo to confirm gender (though I'm pretty positive she's a she) and get the other measurements needed.

We had a student do most of the uktrasound, and it seemed like she really didn't know all too much so the real tech had to step in to finish. So next time I'm gonna request that the student not help but only observe because we got more info and measurements from the tech, and less from the student. I know they need to learn, but not on my dime when I literally have to pay out of pocket for everything until my insurance kicks in after the $6,500 mark.

Anyways, super excited!

I was leaning more towards a girl, and I'm so happy.

Now it's time to narrow down the name!