please help idk what to do

So here recently my ex boyfriend has started flirting with me again and I don't know what to think of it. We have been best friends for almost a year and over that year we've been through hell and back together. This boy is the only guy my dad has ever liked and that's a big deal in my family. He is absolutely amazing. He was my first love and I still have strong feelings for him. We have attempted a relationship a few times and each time something happens and we break up. This guy is my best friend and we talk everyday and I can't imagine life without him. My issue is that we live about 25 minutes away from each other and bc I have started working I can't see him in the weekends till mey job ends for the season as well as the fact neither one of us can drive by ourselves yet. We both still love each other and I wanna be with him but the distance and the fact my friends don't like him really puts a hinder on a relationship. Do y'all have any advice for me, I'd greatly appreciate it.