Placenta Previa

Luci • I like to say what I think, and if it happens to push ur buttons, (Sorry!) Married to my best friend, we never have a dull moment. ❤

Ok so last night I started bleeding and I rushed to the ER (I'm 7.5 weeks pregnant) they ran alot of blood work and it turns out my blood work all came in fine. My levels were good! They also checked my cervix and it was close so they said it didn't seem like I was having a miscarriage. Today I went to my OBGYN after checking my baby and confirming it's grown and had a heartbeat he told me this.

So i guess my placenta is lying low in my uterus, partly or completely blocking the cervix. Its a condition called "placenta previa".

Has anyone experienced this, & now has a healthy baby??? Please share your experience.