Am I pregnant? I'm only 15 and I need help!

I have NO idea if I'm pregnant! Okay so 5 weeks ago, my boyfriend and I had protected sex (condom) and we made sure it was on right. I didn't think to check afterwards to make sure there was no tears or rips in it though :(! I really hope I'm not, b/c I'm the family's "perfect angel" and I can't and I honestly mean CAN NOT live up and tell my parents if I find out I am, I would rather die! They wouldn't trust me ever again, I would get punished unlike any other.  My boyfriend means so much to me, and I know that my parents wouldn't care that he's the father, they would keep us from seeing each other for as long as they could. I did get what I think is a period at the end of the month last month (we had sex on the 4th,and my period started on the 26 and ended on the 30, which is the normal length of mine.) my flow was HEAVY and very dark in color, so I assumed it wasn't implantation... my cramps were horrible and my cravings were through the roof! But this month (it started yesterday the 13th and it is still happening now the 14th) I started to get some minor cramps, not too bad. And my cravings have started slightly and I've been having brownish discharge. I usually get that discharge before my period. And my periods are crazy irregular, so could this be my period and I'm just over thinking? And trust me I am not going to be having sex again anytime soon! Until I'm sure I'm ready to take on the responsibilities it takes to start being sexually active!! Please help me out, I'm not a bad kid, I just let my vagina think for me one time and now I'm regretting it bc I've been stressing out like no other! What do you guys think? Please comment :)