RANT !!!!

OK so I'm just going to say it. I'm 26 weeks an like 2 days pregnant I have a full time job as a housekeeper . Not the worst thing in the world but I have been working since I was 10 years old. 14 years of age I had my first payroll job ever since than I have not had a weekend off of work. Housekeeping may seem like it is easy but it's really not. I'm not complaining that I have a job just only about the weekends it's ruined my time with my family I'm 24 years old. This is really starting to tick me off everybody else that I work with has or gets to have the weekend off. To me that is not fair. I'm not saying that pregnant woman can't work because for one I am a independent women I like to make money. But I wanna be able to spend time with my fiancé he is off every weekend an I'm at work . But here is the most thing that makes me mad I get told I have to put a request in order to get a weekend off but every body gets to have a weekend off to me that's not fair. I have heart burn like crazy the baby is moving a lot more now an I have a hard time breathing an the beds that I have to make every day are king an queen pillow tops. There heavy. I can do it. But after awhile it gets hard on my wrists . Just wish I can have some weekends off that would be very nice. #needing to spend more time with family .