Implantation help? No answers

Okay I'm 13dpo, yesterday(12dpo) night I went to the bathroom and noticed brown spotting with some pink...same thing this morning. It's very light, only on the TP. I'm hoping this is implantation bleeding because my luteal phase is always 14 days and I haven't had a huge increase in cramping like I would normally get with any bleeding when starting AF. Just the usual premenstrual dull cramps that I've had since 8dpo. Plus my temps are still high this morning. What do you guys think. I took a test yesterday morning and it was negative but if this is implantation I shouldn't get a positive till 48-72 hours right?? ? I'm so hopefull right now... I'm still hoping for that BFP this month.. mostly because my temps normally drop the day before AF. What do you girls think? And has anyone had this and gotten a BFP?