Online Dating as a Single Mommy

I'm a single Mom and preschool teacher so needless to say I am ALWAYS around children. I love it. My significant other would have to love it as well or at least appreciate my love for it. Some of my close friends and coworkers have been hinting and flat out saying "Try a dating service or online.™ or EHarmony™. One that you actually have to pay for and invest some time and effort into." It scares me to consider online dating for the fact that I: 
A. Don't know these people I'd be meeting online (it's not like a coworker, friend, someone you meet at the gym or the store type scenario) and 
B. Don't know what in the world I'd tell my family and friends if we (some wonderful man and I) actually hit it off. I don't want to be looked at as the person who "bought" their boyfriend or couldn't find one the "normal" way. Help!!!

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