Catherine • Army Ranger Wife, 1st time mommy, pharm student
Quesadilla will be the death of me. My husband just made food. And rule number one is your SO happens to be very nausea of smells, sometimes take out is the best option.
 This house smells of quesadilla and I threw up on the couch. I am a grown women that threw up on our leather couch. (It's okay to laugh) 
I told him not to make anything my stomach can't take it. He thinks I was kidding. 
Guys if your SO is going threw some bad cases of nausea don't think this isthe  best time to make dinner. If she tells you she would rather have something not cooked in the house DONT cook in the house. 
Guys do you think we are just kidding about our nausea I really believe my husband thinks I'm kidding, or was. The proof is on the couch.