Relationship issues. Please help! Open to any advice but read my story first

So my boyfriend and I have been dating 3 years and living together for 2 years. We love each other very much. This is the longest relationship both both of us. I'm 27 he's 24. Lately the arguments have been more frequent and some times they can get ugly. He never physically abuses me let me just say that now. My boyfriend has a temper and can be angered easily sometimes. When we argue he tells me not to follow him and to leave him alone and I don't and end up following him. I know I should let him cool off but I don't like to argue I want to resolve the issue and it ends up getting blown out of proportion. (Not all the time) today we had an argument that probably trumps all. 
He has been planning on buying a new car for months and yesterday we were at a dealer making plans. He found his car and I happen to see one I like so I look into it. The dealer makes me seem like it will happen and tell me to come back tomorrow. So in the mean time my boyfriends deal gets sidetracked because of bank issues and he's now irritated. We go to the dealer today and I'm talking to them and they end up telling me I can't be financed because I'm upside down on my loan now. I'm annoyed because I told them the day before I owed on my current car. Anyway I admit I got irrational with the dealer and my boyfriend got agitated with me. When we left he started yelling at me telling me that I could of ruined his deal too. I told him to not yell but it made it worse and he started calling me names. Sometimes this happens during arguments but he tells me that he doesn't think I'm those things he just says it because he's mad. I've told him that it bothers me a lot and can tell he's gotten better with it. We got home and we both left to cool off which did help. He came home a few hours ago and we talked (started with arguing). He told me that he feels like I don't listen to him enough and that I try to compare my stories to his. I do realize now I'm doing this and I'm going to try my hardest to work on this. I told him to work on his name calling issue and he says he will and he doesn't realize he's doing it. I've been very stressed out at work too for months and he says that's all I talk about and thay im negative. 
Neither one of us want to break up and believe that we can work through this. I hate fighting with him so much and I over analyze everything after. Right now he went out but told me he loved me and cares about me first and kissed me goodbye. I'm sitting here thinking about everything. I need some advice on how to handle this. Anything will help. No judgemental comments please.