Midwife vs doctor

What is the main difference between a midwife and doctor? I am having my first child and at the moment, we are going with a midwife, for the main reasons that I understand that they are able to provide more guidance and support throughout the pregnancy process. Where I am from, at least, a doctor never has more than 5 minutes per patient, 10 if one is lucky. For some reason as well, I feel like a midwife would be more understanding to my concerns some which are severe tearing and using interventions such a forceps, etc. however I also am under the impression that midwives are huge supporters of natural births - is this true? If at all possible, I would like to do this (although i have a low tolerance to pain) which makes me also concerned that I may last minute need to change my plans and get an epidural - hopefully this would be ok with the midwife - I will be having a consultation with her soon and mention these concerns. If any of you are able to provide your experiences with your midwife and what benefits they provided over doctors, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.