My Birth story

Started contracting around 8 pm on Wednesday called my doctor she told me to drink a lot of water and monitor them for an hour. So I decided to take a bath went to the restroom and had my bloody show. Once I got in the bathtub my contractions were every 3 mins apart! Woke up my husband told him it was time so we took our 7 year old to my moms and headed to the hospital. Arrived and got settled in the room around 11:30 still feeling contractions but nothing major was still 3cm do they started the pitocin. Oh man how I forgot how bad that hurts finally got my epidural around 3 am. At 5:30am my water bag slid out lol which was kind of funny bc I thought she was coming out too and that was way to easy. Doctor broke my water and around 7am the epidural stopped working completely oh my left side I was in tears and shaking. I developed a fever received another epidural tried to sleep but couldn't stop shaking. Both baby and my heart rate would get really high and then really low. I couldn't get past 8cm because she was too big for my birth canal so c section was my only choice. I was beyond scared but had wonderful doctors and she is finally here born October 20th at 4:51 pm 7lbs 12 ounces 22 inches long! Welcome Cleo Tucker 😍