Scared of labour dont be!


I wanted to share my birth story for any 1st time mum or even 2nd or 3rd etc, im 24 and fell pregnant on my 3rd cycle, i had an awsome pregnaancy no problems i loved being pregnant and found out i was having a lovely little boy.

my bmi is higher so i had growth scans at 40weeks they decided to do a growth scan as i had edema and bottome of bump baby was measuring 9lb 14oz so the decided to induce me.

i got induced 21/09/16 at 12.15pm we stayed in hospital by 8pm that night i started feeling period pains but nothing major, i was soooo sooo scared of labour as 1st time mum i was dreading it. But by 4am i was having full on contractions and on examination i was 5cm of to labour ward, the pain was hard but bearable it comes and goes, once in labour ward i had pethadine and gas & air AMAZING gas & air all my head was saying is omg i love this feels like your drunk! so after they got me into a gown i was advised to have an epidural fitted as my bmi is higher if there was any complications they wouldnt have to worry later on in labour was such good advise! i had it fitted and it was amazing, by 5pm 22/09/16 i was 10cm and ready push, i pushed for 2 hours with baby not progressing an emergancy c section was required Alfie was delivered at 7.52pm weighing a massive 10lb 1oz he had swallowed his poo as he pooed in my waters that he needed help breathing we didnt hear him cry till 4mins after birth was so worrying, he got wheeled off to baby unit for montioring, i was in theartre till 9.30pm as i lost 2 litres of blood and in recovery had a temp of 39 i had an infection and so did Alfie,

i wqs on antibiotic through drip and i couldnt see my baby till the next evening which killed me,

however 5 days i was discharged, 3 days home my c section scar opened up and started leaking, back into hospital i was re admitted and infection was in my wound i had to be fitted with a pump that drained the infection out for 2 weeks i am now 5 weeks post partum and im just having my wound packed daily till heals , its taken 5 weeks to feel a little human.

however everything ive been through including blood transfusion open wound infection c section scar etc i can not express that i loved and enjoyed my labour, dont be scared its soo lovely your body is desgined for it and i was just unlucky to have got the infection which caused the recovery longet to heal and still healing however labour was and still stands that it hasnt put me off babies, i was a massive wimp and was so scared of birth , i loved it you hear horror birthd like mine and it far from it, im lucky myself and Alfie are all healthly.

good luck mummys youll smash it enjoy your babies i cant wait to do mummy stuff once im allowed to lift him xx