Do you think consent needs to be discussed more and be taken more seriously

Arielle • 19 years old || Sexuality Fluid || Herpes Positive || Open to talking about anything and everything
I don't necessarily mean in a romantic/sexual way. I was at work tonight, I work at a haunted tour office as an actor so during halloween season I am a character on their tours. One rule as these characters, since us actors aren't trained on the stories like guides, is that we can't speak to the guests. But a tour group came through a self guided tour, and I'm playing a weeping angel (dr who if anyone knows it). One woman reached out to touch me, thinking I was a statue, and I moved away because that makes me uncomfortable and she jumped a bit, her friends laughed. The lights went out (timed to simulate "blinking" so I can move), and I point the way they're supposed to contonue on to next. Her friends start to leave and she goes "I wonder if I can touch her finger", and I instantly retract my hands. She takes a step closer, tries to touch me again and again I step away. This continues for several minutes before she leaves. My location on this tour is a small room where the only entrance or exit is the door the group sees me from, so if this woman had wanted I would have been trapped in this room.
I think consent should be a more discussed part of every day life, because making people feel as uncomfortable as I did in my own work place is unacceptable. And this isn't the first encounter I've had like this.

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