Braxton Hicks questions from a FTM πŸ€—

I'm 35+1 weeks along. I had BH contractions from about 28 weeks on. For about a week I have them where my stomach is hard almost an entire hour, a few-several hours a day. If I stand I get them a lot. Laying down I still get them. I get them laying on my left side, too. They are hard to breath with...kind of like my air is being cut off and I feel pressure in my head. I'm assuming these are normal and I shouldn't be worried. But I'm also a FTM and have no idea what is normal and what's not. I have read other poster's topics about BH but I figured I'd see what advice I can get from my own :) I will be seeing my OB on Monday...but she is really chill and kinda brushes off my concerns at times and doesn't really give me answers. Thanks!Β