My husband!!!

railynns mommy
So this morning I woke up in pain but had to push through it because we were going out for lunch with his dad step mom and grandmother. The pain stopped before we got there thank God! So after we ate and visited for a bit me and the hubby had to go on our usual sunday trip to Alabama( not very fun). I was in more pain than I was when I woke up. We finally got home around 5 pm but I still had to cook😕.. After we ate supper I decided to go soak in a hot tub because i felt horrible and that normally helps, hubby comes into the bathroom and tells me to close my eyes because he has a surprise for me. He put a straw in my mouth and told me to drink it! My loving husband made me chocolate milk because of came a day early and the pain from it was brutal! I love this man with all my heart!! He is truly wonderful and I thank God for him everyday!!!